Add-on Features


Add A Waterfall Or Other Feature To Your Pool!

Sheer Waterfalls & Custom Raised Walls

Waterfalls effortlessly enhance the beauty and ambiance of any pool or backyard space. Their elegance, whether as a focal point or a serene backdrop, transforms an ordinary setting into a captivating oasis. Thanks to modern technology, the possibilities for waterfall designs are vast and diverse. Whether you’re drawn to a minimalist cascade or a grand ornate display, there’s an option tailored to complement every vision and aesthetic.


Swimming pool decks are not just functional spaces but also integral to the aesthetics of your outdoor living area. A well-designed deck complements the pool, providing a seamless transition between the water and the surrounding space. It plays a pivotal role in setting the ambiance, whether you’re aiming for a tropical oasis, minimalist retreat, or a luxurious resort feel. Moreover, the materials and design of the deck can significantly impact safety, durability, and maintenance. Investing in a beautiful and durable pool deck enhances the overall experience, adding value to your property and creating a haven for relaxation and entertainment.


Pool lighting is more than mere illumination; it’s about transforming an ordinary pool into a mesmerizing oasis. Fiber optic lighting dazzles with its mesmerizing strands of light, creating an ethereal ambience beneath the waters. Color changing lights offer a dynamic experience, allowing users to shift from a tranquil azure to a passionate crimson at the touch of a button. Constant color fixtures, meanwhile, maintain a steady ambiance that sets a distinct mood. Together, these lighting options elevate your pool scape, making it not just a place to swim, but a dynamic visual experience.

Pool Bar

A personal pool is more than a spot for swimming; it’s a haven of relaxation and entertainment. For many homeowners, adding a pool bar transforms their poolscape from a simple recreational space to a luxurious resort-style accessory. This enhancement elevates the ambiance, providing a convenient space to serve refreshments without leaving the water’s comfort. As guests lounge with cocktails in hand, the setting mimics the tranquil luxury of high-end vacation spots. A pool bar not only adds to the aesthetics but also enriches the overall pool experience, making every dip feel like a lavish getaway.